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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kids are the Best Teachers

By Pat Meehan

Today I completed two days of participating in "Earth Day." This was something I was asked to do in Spencer County, Indiana as a service to pre-school, 1st grade and 2nd grade kids (about 500 in all). The event was sponsored by American Electric Power Company in Rockport, Indiana.

My job for these two full days was to run groups of kids through a project on making a bird feeder from a bagel, syrup, bird seeds and a string tied through the hole of the bagel to use to hang it on a tree.

A nice lady told the kids all about birds, and let them participate in the discussion. Then they came to the tables with the bagels and squirted on the syrup and pressed the bird seeds on to the sticky bagels. Next the kids packaged their new product in a plastic bag with their name on it to take home to hang in a tree.

Their excitement was enormous. They were inspired as individuals and as a group. It dawned on me how simple it is to help people feel excited if we keep the process simple and doable. We're all like those little kids in our jobs, our businesses and our lives in general.

Get enthused about the good work you have been doing and go home excited about it! You may find yourself moving forward and enjoying life a little more each day.

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