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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have You Targeted "Small Business" as a Market for your Consulting Services?

By Pat Meehan

This year I took on the Directorship of a Small Business Center in a county in Southern Indiana. We identified seventy small businesses (1-100 employees) who were already members of the Chamber of Commerce and sent each of them a 12 question survey. The question that seems to have gotten the most universal response from the group was question #4:

4. Do you want information on training programs?

A. Business Planning:
B. New Business Development:
C. Human Resource Policies & procedures: X
D. Payroll Administration:
E. Sales Training:
F. Relationship Building:

It seems that many small business owners are buying into small business as their life's work and employee growth is a necessity. They need help with Human Resource issues.

When is the last time, if ever, that you targeted a small business as a potential long term client? Think it over. Think about your approach. How would you like to be approached as a small business owner for something you need?

I will leave out my opinion and let you enjoy your own thought process. I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments area of this blog. Always remember small business is 70% of the entire work force.

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1 comment:

kellie said...

I think this is an excellent idea! As an employment relationship specialist with many years of HR experience, I would love to form a partnership with small business to help them in being proacvtive with their HR issues and continue to work on items together that could be implemented over time as the business owner could afford to do so. It's definitely a win/win because the HR practitioner will grow to understand the business and the business will learn what pieces of HR would be most beneficial to employee engagement and production. The trick is in helping to have a small business owner understand the need for the services HR can provide. Many small businesses manage their own HR issues and then if a problem arises, it can be costly for them. It's a wonderful way to manage risk for the business.