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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 Basic Steps Crucial to Your Job Search

By Pat Meehan

Basic steps are more important than detailed steps because if a candidate falls down on the basic steps of a job search he/she will not get to the detailed steps that lead to a job offer.


1. Answer the phone, as a habit, and be friendly. So many candidates screen calls and prefer texting. Missing one call could be the last call you'll ever get from a recruiter or HR Representative.

2. Listen to your own voicemail. Is it warm and friendly or uncaring sounding? Replace your voicemail and include stating your name, sounding friendly, and saying thank you for the call.

3. Return phone calls the same day and even the same hour whenever possible. This shows courtesy for other people's time and shows interest and politeness on your part.

4. If you are married and have kids, teach your spouse and your family how to take messages for you. Make sure a note pad and a pen are always available. They should take the name, number, and the message of the caller.

5. Use your lunch hour to return calls if you are at work. Don't wait until you get home. The person that called you went home too.

Friendliness with a little common sense goes a very long way. If you become very skilled at these five steps, your likability factor will always rank towards the top of your competition. Technical skills are important but people hire people they like.

Happy job hunting !

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