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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coal is a Gift from God

By Pat Meehan, "A Friend of Coal"

Coal is a bad word, according to the EPA. The EPA suggests that coal pollutes the Earth's atmosphere with carbon dioxide and sulfur and is ruining the planet. Many environmental activists say they wish all coal mines would be closed. Our president, Barrack Obama, has declared a "War on Coal" in West Virginia and many other States and yet, he has no alternatives to offer that would replace coal. I would challenge every employee of the EPA, and every person in the USA who opposes coal as our primary energy source, this question:

1.) Do you use energy, e. g. heat, lights, air conditioning, cooking appliances, refrigeration of food, electric receptacles that you are plugged into each and every day of your life, and do you pay a utility bill to a utilities company that provides you these pleasures of life though their operation of a coal fired power plant? The answer would be "Yes," by 98% of you because there is no viable alternative energy source that has been dilivered and proven and reliable. The EPA and its activists have yet to produce an alternative energy solution that would effectively serve our nation and the world.

Solindra, a $500 million dollar deboggled government funded project, along with many other recent government funded alternative energy projects, without proper research and business plans, have failed miserably and the cost of these failures has fallen into the laps of tax payers, which, by the way, are you and me. This is government at its worst and half of our voting citizens of the USA voted for a president who has delivered failed after failed policies and leadership and he has the audacity to ask for your vote again.

If you oppose coal, but use any of the pleasures named above, that come from coal, then you are a person who complains about his/her own pleasures and freedoms.

May God bless the natural resources of the United States of America and empower its citizens and its government to make the maximum use of them for energy independence at home and around the world. God willing, this goal will be achieved.

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